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We provide personnel education and training services tailored to your needs in Space Development-based S&MA(Safety and Mission Assurance )technology training.

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  • Safety and Mission Assurance (S&MA)
    General basics (service in preparation)
  • Reliability analysis method FIDES
    (service in preparation)
  • Radiation effects and assessment
    (service in preparation)
  • Parts selection
    (service in preparation)
  • Human error prevention
    (service is being provided)
Service details

About increasing needs

The number of NewSpace and new companies from other industries entering space development fields.
On the other hand, It's essential to understand and develop the space unique environment such as vacuum, zero-gravity, and space radiation, etc..
We have extensive experiences and will sipport your missyon Success.

*Actual example
Lecture on human error prevention in the workplace
Compilation of a guidebook for human error prevention in space development
Extraction of factors that make it difficult to work in space-related equipment maintenance work and proposals for countermeasures
Trend analysis of satellite non-conformance cases, consideration of improvement of database on human error
Examination of promotion of near miss(Hiyari-Hatto) experiencies in space development operations
Support for all human factors activities aimed at shortening design delivery times

Strengths unique to HIREC

HIREC has heritages of reliability and quality assurance activities for space systems and space equipment through support activities for Japanese space development projects, from parts development to reliability and quality assurance.In addition to supporting JAXA's S&MA technical training, we have conducted training for multiple companies in the human error training, and the number of companies who repeat the training is increasing.
Based on these heritages, we will help you according to your needs.

Strengths unique to HIREC
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    Quality improvement, process improvement, QMS, ISO… I'm already working on it, but it's not easy to reduce mistakes.

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    Similar mistakes occur no matter how many times you pay attention/education.

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