We contribute to society with technologies which are the basis of space development concerning high-reliability components, reliability assurance, and quality assurance.

In addition, we don’t only adapt ourselves flexibly to the recent environmental changes of the industry, but also grow together with society by expanding these technologies to other fields.

To achieve these goals, we have established the following quality policy.

  • 1. Emphasis on quality

    We ensure to recognize the importance of quality including customer satisfaction and ethical perspective (no fraud) through repetitive education and other means.

  • 2.Quality Management System(QMS)

    We build, maintain and improve our QMS, a system that conforms to JIS Q 9100, requirements for aviation, space and defense organizations, to laws and regulations, and to customer requirements.

  • 3.Continual improvement

    We all engage in timely and continual improvements of our QMS by grasping quality issues properly through analysis and monitoring of customer satisfaction and defect occurrence status, and by realizing and achieve what customers truly expect. We believe that makes the results more attractive for them.

  • 4.Monitoring and action

    We monitor whether our QMS activities are being operated effectively, appropriately, and efficiently through the Quality Committee, etc.,, and if we find opportunities to improve, we take appropriate action for them.
    In case a non-conformance occurs, we will report it appropriately to our stakeholders and take immediate and proper action.