• 1.Respect for basic human rights

    We will respect people as human beings and will not engage in acts that violate the dignity of individuals.

  • 2.Environmental protection

    We are aware of our responsibilities as a business person, strive for harmony with the prosperity of human society, and do our best to protect the healthy global environment.

  • 3.ethics

    As a human being, we will act in good faith with the high ethical standards required of space-related companies.

  • 4.Compliance with laws and regulations

    We will take corporate action that prioritizes compliance with laws and regulations (including articles of incorporation and internal regulations) above all else.

  • 5.Appropriate management of confidential information

    We will properly manage confidential information such as trade secrets, know-how, and personal information, and will not use them illegally or leak them to third parties. In addition, confidential information disclosed by a third party will be handled in the same manner.

  • 6.Fair and reasonable accounting treatment

    Regardless of whether it is tangible or intangible, we will appropriately manage the company's assets and information and use them efficiently.