• As we enter the space business, which is expected to grow in the future, we would like you to introduce us to the overall trend of the space business based on your achievements and experience in the space business for many years, and give us advice on how to proceed with the business.

    As a technical group specializing in “parts technology” and “safety and quality assurance” in the space field, we have a wealth of knowledge about related industry and technology trends. Based on this knowledge, we will give individual and specific advice.

  • I would like to ask about the verification method for evaluating the effects of neutron rays on parts and boards used in the design and manufacture of precision equipment for ground use.

    In addition to the space field, we have many achievements in neutron beam irradiation tests for equipment for ground use.Based on these achievements, we will make specific proposals for testing, verification, and consulting related to neutron beam impact assessment.

  • I would like to request a screening test for parts used in space equipment.

    After hearing information about the parts subject to the screening test, we will propose the most suitable test items and test methods.

  • We are considering entering the space business by providing parts and materials for space applications. At that time, please tell us about the merits of handling as a JAXA certified part and the detailed process up to certification.

    By becoming a certified component, in addition to the quality evaluation for space use, there are various merits such as quality control evaluation. We have a wealth of knowledge about JAXA parts certification, and we will provide information and make proposals according to your request.

  • We are planning to provide the parts currently provided for ground use to domestic and foreign spacecraft manufacturers.In that case, a radiation resistance test will be essential for space applications. Also, please let us know the evaluation and verification items that are required other than the radiation resistance evaluation.

    Based on our many achievements related to the evaluation of space components, such as radiation irradiation tests and screening tests, we will propose consulting and various tests related to parts evaluation when applying terrestrial parts to space applications.

  • I would like to conduct a preliminary evaluation of whether consumer equipment can be used in space. From the parts list, please tell us about the risk assessment and countermeasures for use in space.

    As a preliminary evaluation of the use of consumer equipment in space, after providing a specific parts list, we will evaluate the risks of space use and propose countermeasures.