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research consultingCommon service

HIREC has several engineers engaged in Japanese satellite development, and by utilizing this technology and experience, HIREC can respond to a wide range of issues in the development of spacecraft systems.
We offer custom-made consulting services that meet your needs.

Service items

  • Survey and research on technology trends in Japan and overseas
  • Domestic and overseas satellite manufacturer development trend survey
  • Reliability design consulting
  • Quality assurance system consulting
Service items

Consulting content

In order to meet the expectations of our customers, HIREC will select and propose the most suitable menu for customers from the following consulting service menu.

  • Domestic and overseas technology trend survey, satellite manufacturer development trend survey
  • Support for standards and criteria for design and processes
  • Reliability design consultingSetting support for reliability design requirements, reliability analysis support/review, EEE parts selection advice
  • Quality assurance system consultingQuality assurance system construction/operation support, review/audit support, manufacturing/test/inspection plan review/examination support
  • System safety analysis consultingSystem safety analysis support/review, safety review support
  • Human error (HE) prevention consultingSearching for factors in the workplace, consideration of countermeasures, analysis and organization of error cases, promotion of management activities
  • Satellite system design consulting

Our track record of providing support to various industries allows us to respond flexibly. Please feel free to contact us first.