Spacecraft Project Reliability and
Quality Assurance ServiceComprehensive service

Leveraging our experience in supporting a wide range of spacecraft projects, including those of JAXA, we provide support from the project side, centering on S&MA activities, including design, manufacturing, testing, launch site, and operation work. We provide a one-stop service for your project, from the design phase to operationn phase.

design phase

Professional staff support from the design phase

From the initial stage of development, our reliability technology experts provide operational support for reliability analysis reviews from the customer's point of view at major milestones.
As reliability assurance work, we strive to ensure that the product exhibits the specified functions and performance during the specified mission period, reducing risks and enabling early detection and countermeasures for failure factors.
We have built a wide range of support systems, including support for selection of Electrical, Electronic, and Electromechanical (EEE) parts and support for application evaluation of non-space EEE parts.

design phase
Manufacturing/testing/inspection phase

Manufacturing/testing/inspection phase

Support for early detection and prevention of defects

Inspection support personnel certified by our company's in-house qualification system support quality assurance operations.
We participate in inspections and test witnessing at important points in the manufacturing process, confirm the actual product and related documents, summarize and analyze the witnessed inspection, and confirm the reflection of measures to prevent the recurrence of defects.
We will do our best to prevent problems and support early detection.

Launch site/operation phase

Supporting testing and launch site work after delivery to the launch site

We provide electrical testing after delivery to the launch site and support for launch site work.
We also verify operational procedures and perform LL (Lessons Learned) maintenance work.

Launch site/operation phase Launch site/operation phase
General project management support

General project management support

Numerous achievements in parts application evaluation support

We manage many satellite projects, including JAXA satellites.
Performs safety and configuration management duties.In addition, confirmation of hazard analysis results/measures, confirmation of configuration lists and change history, etc. are also performed.

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