Space parts manufacturingProcurement

Systems that require high reliability, such as those used in space, defense, and automobiles, also require high reliability for the parts used in those systems.
At HIREC, we take advantage of our technical capabilities and know-how as a developer and manufacturer of JAXA-qualified parts to undertake the post-process (assembly, SC, QCI) of products for space applications.

Service details

  • [Product assembly]We use a space PKG and perform assembly based on JAXA-qualified parts specifications.
  • Die mount
  • Wire bonding
  • Sealing
  • [Screening/examination]In order to sort out and eliminate initial defective products and accidental defective products, stress is applied to the extent that deterioration/damage does not occur, and only latent defective products are removed (100% inspection).
  • Visual inspection (acceptance)
  • marking
  • Electrical parameters test (before burn-in, room temperature)
  • Burn-in test (dynamic burn-in)
  • Electrical parameters test (after burn-in, room temperature)
  • Delta judgment
  • Electrical parameters test (final/low temperature/high temperature)
  • Visual inspection (before shipment)
  • [Product lot assurance test (QCI)]In order to confirm that the parts we provide to our customers have the specified quality, we mainly conduct quality confirmation tests that comply with JAXA-QTS or MIL-PRF.
Service details

What HIREC can do

HIREC utilizes its experience and achievements in developing and providing space parts to implement space quality process control at the assembly plant (outsourced) and conduct screening in-house. We also handle small-lot, high-mix products.

  • 1

    We want to manufacture custom LSI such as ASIC, but there is no domestic manufacturer that can handle it.

  • 2

    We had no choice but to manufacture only the wafers at an overseas manufacturer, but we would like to carry out the post-process in Japan.

We will respond to every problem such as.