FPGA programming/

One-time (non-volatile) FPGAs are used for high-reliability applications such as space mission.HIREC offers programming and post-programming screening services for Microchip's one-time FPGAs.

Service details

  • Visual inspection (acceptance)
  • marking
  • programming
  • Electrical parameters test (before burn-in, room temperature)
  • Burn-in test (dynamic burn-in)
  • Electrical parameters test (after burn-in, room temperature)
  • Delta judgment
  • Electrical parameters test (final/low temperature/high temperature)
  • Visual inspection (before shipment)
Service details

Importance of FPGA programming and screening

Space, defense, automotive, and other systems, and the parts used in those systems, are areas where high reliability is required.
HIREC provides total support for writing and screening processes such as data writing, electrical parameters testing, and dynamic burn-in.
Utilizing our technological strength and know-how as a developer and manufacturer of JAXA-qualified parts, we have achieved many achievements in the required technology.

Strengths unique to HIREC

Our independently developed burn-in equipment enables simultaneous burn-in of a wide variety of products in small quantities.
In addition, we have implemented a unique test method called “Full Dynamic Burn-in,” which is extremely effective in burn-in compared to general dynamic burn-in.

In addition, one of our strengths is that we have the equipment necessary for writing and screening in-house, so we can individually handle each process such as appearance and characteristic evaluation.
We design test boards and develop test programs in-house to flexibly respond to customer needs.

Strengths unique to HIREC
  • 1

    We want you to screen a wide variety of products in small quantities with a short delivery time.

  • 2

    I want to use FPGA in a system that requires high reliability.

  • 3

    I would like to outsource part of the programming/screening process.

We will respond to every problem such as.