FIDES reliability analysisPlanning and design

Equipment used in space requires high reliability.
FIDES, which can obtain closer to on-orbit data and more realistic calculation results of failure rates, is starting to attract attention. HIREC provides reliability analysis agency services using FIDES analysis tools.

Service details

  • Reliability analysis service for space electronics by FIDES (mission profile / parts data)
  • Quality control process evaluation service

    In order to evaluate the quality control process, 250 audit questionnaires need to be answered, and the man-hours required to evaluate the process are quite demanding.
    Estimated number of days required for audit:

    • ・Interview with suppliers: 2-3 days/1-2 people
    • ・Preparation for audit: about 1 week/company
    • ・Evidence collection/confirmation/reporting: + α

What is FIDES analysis?

FIDES is a method for predicting the reliability of electronic equipment in general, not only in the space field but also in a wide range of fields (aircraft, military, automotive, communication, IT, etc.), mainly in Europe.

About the importance of FIDES and how to use it

By using FIDES in the failure rate calculation of electronic components, it is possible to obtain results that are about one third of the failure rate calculated using MIL-HDBK-217.
This makes it possible to obtain more realistic calculation results that are closer to the IOR (In-Orbit Return) data.
In addition, a more realistic reliability assessment can be performed by taking a closer look at the manufacturing quality of electronic components and the quality control processes of component manufacturers.

HIRCE’s Efforts regarding FIDES

  • Translation of the latest version of the FIDES Guide into Japanese and coordination with the FIDES Consortium for domestic sales of the Japanese version
  • Incorporation of FIDES-related items into JAXA's S&MA training (planned)
  • Reliability Calculation using FIDES at Satellite Component / System Production Site

HIREC also conducts outsourcing services for reliability analysis using mission profiles and parts data and evaluation of quality control processes.

  • 1

    “We want to outsource the reliability analysis of space electronic equipment.”

  • 2

    “We want to meet the reliability requirements of our customers.”

If you have any of the above problems, please try reliability analysis using FIDES, which is expected to expand its use in the future.