Evaluation of radiation resistance/
neutron resistancePlanning and design

Radiation tolerance evaluation is required for devices (including board level) used in the space environment.
Based on our many years of experience in measuring radiation resistance, HIREC conducts evaluations that meet the needs of our customers.

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Radiation tolerance assessment

  • Single event test
    • ① Heavy ion test
    • ② Proton test
  • Total dose test
  • Displacement damage test

Neutron resistance evaluation

  • Neutron irradiation test

Consultation on radiation evaluation and improvement of radiation tolerance

  • Test planning, test execution
  • Data analysis/evaluation, countermeasures, etc.
Service details

What is Radiation Tolerance Assessment?

Space is an environment where galactic cosmic rays and radiation emitted from the sun are flying.
Among them, radiation resistance of space electronic components (including board level) is the biggest issue.
For example, there is a risk of single event phenomenon (SEE: soft error, hard error [latchup, burnout, etc.]) and total dose effect (TID: deterioration due to accumulation of radiation damage) caused by incident radiation.
In particular, when applying parts for ground use in a space environment, prior evaluation of radiation resistance is required.

HIREC’s Strengths in Radiation Tolerance Assessment

HIREC conducts single event tests using accelerated ion beams and total dose tests using gamma-ray tests in Japan and overseas with the cooperation of related organizations.
HIREC’s strength is that we have accumulated a lot of experience and achievements through many years of radiation tolerance evaluation services for space parts, and have received high evaluations from our customers.
“I want to evaluate whether ground-use parts can be used in the space environment.”
“Since the evaluation deals with radiation, I would like to entrust it to an external company with specialized knowledge.”
We offer the best technology for those who think.

HIREC's Strengths in Radiation Tolerance Assessment

What is Neutron Resistance Evaluation?

Evaluation for neutron resistance is recommended especially when using high-reliability equipment such as automobiles, railways, servers, and medical equipment.
Neutrons are generated when radiation coming from space collides with the Earth’s atmosphere and falls onto the Earth’s surface.
There is a risk of single event phenomena caused by cosmic ray-induced neutrons incident on semiconductor devices.

HIREC’s strengths in neutron resistance evaluation

At HIREC, we conduct neutron irradiation evaluations based on the technology cultivated in space development, and we are able to deliver reliable test results based on our extensive experience.

HIREC's strengths in neutron resistance evaluation
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    A semiconductor device suddenly malfunctions or has an unknown defect, and we want to confirm whether radiation from cosmic rays is the cause.

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    The customer requested neutron resistance evaluation data, but I do not know the test method to present what kind of evaluation should be done.

We will respond to every problem such as.

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